Public Workshops

Two virtual public workshops were held on June 15th and 16th, 2020. A video recording of the June 16th meeting is provided below.

To advertise the two virtual public workshops, display advertisements were placed in four regional newspapers, including one Spanish language publication, and in regional online event calendars. Two eblasts were sent to the email subscribers, notice was posted on the MIUGSA’s website, and all materials were translated into Spanish and Hmong and placed on the website.

Attendees of the virtual workshops were able to have closed caption and translation options in Spanish and Hmong. For both meetings, participants were able to attend virtually via Microsoft Teams. After the initial workshop on June 15th, consultant team and staff added a call-in number for additional opportunity for involvement. The platform allowed for realtime comments to be posted and addressed during the workshop; participants were also encouraged to email questions and comments, if preferred.

The presentation included background about SGMA, MIUGSA’s role in developing a groundwater sustainability plan, and an in-depth explanation of the fee study. The fee study portion addressed the two main fee structures under consideration, fee study methodology, provided examples for residential, commercial and agriculture beneficiaries, and reviewed outreach efforts. A demonstration was given about how to use a real-time mapping tool on the website to identify whether a parcel was inside or outside of MIUGSA’s management area, and how to obtain the necessary information to calculate the fee for a parcel.


Public Workshop Materials (pdf)

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