RFP Answers to Questions Submitted (by August 16, 2017- 3:30 PM)

Question (submitted 8/14/2017):
Question 11 says - Please provide a fee schedule that would include staff costs, travel expenses and other costs that you may foresee as part of completing this RFP.

Answer (Provided 8/14/2017):              
Merced is interested in two items:

  1. A rate schedule for the personnel’s positions that are expected to be involved.
  2. A rough estimate of the anticipated overall cost to complete the RFP, which could be to the closest $100K.  Itemizing costs to major tasks, such as the technical work, management, facilitation etc. would be most helpful.
    Please be aware, that the cost is not the determining factor for choosing the most adequate consultant.  The above two items provide the reviewers, who many have never worked with your consulting firm or hydrogeologists, better indication on how your firm is best fit for accomplishing the  Merced GSP.  More importantly, Merced understands that the second item above, is more of a guestimate for some of the tasks and that there are a lot of unknowns that we expect to face in completing the GSP.  However, your response may open the door for a reviewer to ask a question and be better informed of the needed involvement of certain tasks as part of your approach.